Thursday, October 13, 2011

Call to Action

We are opening a dialogue for the education and empowerment of the populace about the socioeconomic injustices which permeate our society. We are here to get Corporations out of the American Political system. We are here in solidarity with the Global Occupy Movement. We are here to reclaim our Voice. We invite all people of peace to join us. We are Occupy Indianapolis.


  1. I am in full support of this movement but am afraid that our government is more concerned about their finances than they are their people. I would suggest a National Sick Day to really get their attention. If Corporate America is controlling the government then we need to let them know we are seriously fed up with their greed and lack of social conscious. A National Sick Day would get their attention by hitting them were it counts, their wallets.

  2. I would suggest the group start suggesting specifics. I was at the original rally and have heard a bit from the Statehouse - I hear a lot of talk in generalities but very few democratically agreed on (majority - not full consensus) specifics.
    I have about 4 specific suggestions for you if you care to read -

  3. Hey, I registered to vote with some person who was at Occupy Indy and for some reason I'm not registered in Marion County yet. Who was the person there that had the paper to get people to sign up? I need to contact him to find out where my form went. He was registering on the 9th when I was there, the deadline being the 11th, and I'm trying to figure out what the heck is going on.

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  7. Great new text from Occupy Oakland:

  8. Here's my declaration of the 99%, which you can feel free to post/share.

  9. Is there a contact email where I might use to access a person in the Indianapolis Occupy movement?


    Tom Atkins
    Prescott Az Occupy

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