Sunday, October 9, 2011

"Vertical" Occupation of the Statehouse

Yesterday the Indianapolis General Assembly in a full consensus agreed to occupy the grounds of the Indiana Statehouse in a show of solidarity with the protesters in Liberty Plaza NYC. Indiana State Police have advised us that anyone sleeping on the grounds of the Statehouse will be immediately arrested and jailed. However, if you remain upright and not horizontal to the ground they will allow us to peacefully occupy their South Lawn area as we see fit. We cannot pitch a tent or anything but they are allowing us food deliveries and other comforts to the site.

As a result of this "Vertical" Occupation the rally previously discussed for Sunday at 12 noon at Veterans Plaza has been moved to the South Lawn of the Indiana Statehouse. All come out to the new Liberty Lawn and join us in our "Vertical" Occupation. Come say hi to some Colts fans who will be walking by on their way to Lucas Oil Stadium.

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