Sunday, October 2, 2011

Communique #2

It doesn't matter your race, creed, religion, sexual identity, political stripe... none of those matter. What matters is that WE as human beings recognize the COMMON cause. Restore HUMANITY to our once-proud nation. We've become so divided by the prodding and division of our corporate masters and the politics/media machine that they think we won't find it in ourselves to look past all of the imposed separations and see each other as humans. As citizens. WE have to unite...

come together...

not in solidarity with any singular cause, but in the UNITING cause of compassionate humanity.
Our strength comes not from our leaders, but from our neighbors. STOP letting some faceless group of manipulative billionaires tell YOU what to think. Open your eyes, heart and mind, and see your own humanity, and the humanity in the people around you.

THIS is where we will find the strength to break the hold on our collective consciousness. Only then will we succeed... THE POWER IS IN WE, THE PEOPLE... Realize it, and use it...

WE are not Left.
WE are not Right.
WE are the 99%.
and WE will prevail.
We will come together as one on Saturday October 8th at 12 noon on Veterans Memorial Plaza in downtown Indy for a General Assembly of the people of Indianapolis. We hope you will join us.

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