Monday, October 10, 2011

General Assembly Announcement

THE CURRENT GROUP AT THE STATEHOUSE has come to consensus on a meeting time for this evening. We are very excited to report that tonight's General Assembly at 7pm features a speaker from the Occupy Wall St. community outreach, VINCENT VIBBERT. He will be helping to educate us on many topics so please come out and JOIN US!


  1. Greetings and solidarity from South Bend!

    I am the website coordinator for Occupy Indiana and Occupy South Bend, with the latter being a subsection of the former site.

    If you are willing, I would like to syndicate your RSS feed on the Occupy Indiana site, with links back to your site, and add your Twitter feed to the widget on the Occupy Indiana front page.

    If you are willing, email me at and feel free to include any other solutions about how Occupy Indiana can help you with networking and getting your info out. Our hope is that Occupy Indiana can become a platform and network for occupations in Indiana to coordinate efforts in some ways.


  2. If you have yet to see it here is a great video posted recently over at the #occupywallstreet subreddit!