Tuesday, October 4, 2011

News Coverage

It is Occupy Indianapolis’ goal to violate no laws in our upcoming actions. During an interview on WTHR-TV, channel 13 in Indianapolis, Occupy Indianapolis spokesman Joh Padgett did not say the organization would block access to any building.
During reporter comments on the story it was reported Padgett said we would “Block” entrances to buildings. That is a violation of law, and Padgett at no time stated we would block any entrance or exit from any building.
The “People mover” strategy is a continually moving, single file line of people. This is within the confines of local law. We will, at no time, prevent anyone from entering or exiting any building, nor will we at any time interfere with vehicular traffic along our route.


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  2. Single file is silly. Soldiers march in single file, prisoners march in single file. It implies a hierarchy. Fuck a congo line, let's take the streets!

  3. OCT. 8 12:00 pm Veterans Memorial Park to the Circle

    - basically the all the big government buildings and the parks surrounding.

  4. Hay MODS: could You open the right to edit my content after posting? Otherwise i take up two spaces. Thank You.

    @Cory: The occupation will not end until all of our demands are met.

  5. were the "rules" of this occupation developed/agreed upon through the consensus of a general assembly/organizing group?
    they seem absurd (no groups of people larger than 5, single file line, not taking up more than half the sidewalk?) and if proposed at an open general assembly i can not imagine a consensus agreeing upon them....
    occupy wall street, the syntagma square occupation in greece, the indignados in spain, etc have all developed an open, participatory decision making process that serves as their primary demand and accomplishment...
    i demand occupy indianapolis utilize an open process of decision making when making rules for its participants to abide by.

  6. These rules were imposed upon us by the Indiana War Memorials Commission for the permit to be approved which avoided a huge number of arrests they initially planned to make. In order to provide a safe space for the General Assembly the Organizing Committee evaluated the options and opted to accept the rules in order to obtain the legal permit so we can be left in peace to conduct the General Assembly.

  7. How many people are we anticipating showing up? Are there rules about holding signs/what they can say?

  8. Fifteen Issues, Eight Demands, One People, One Revolution: http://wp.me/p19dS3-aT

  9. I am compiling links to all the video and public photo albums of the Occupy Indy movement here.

    I'll be linking to you in a links page I am about to create. Would appreciate a linkback http://occupyindianapolis.wordpress.com/