Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Legal Guidelines and Permit Rules

Legal Guidelines:
1. First and foremost, do not break the law. If a police officer tells you to move, be polite and move on—do not argue with the police. Remember, the police are not the enemy; they are doing their jobs.
2. Marching/Walking Guidelines
a. Keep moving.
b. Stay on the sidewalks, but do not obstruct others from passing by, entering or exiting a building. Do not occupy more than half of the sidewalk at any time.
c. Stay in groups of five or less. Again, make sure your group does not occupy over one half of the sidewalk at any time.
d. Do not congregate in front of buildings and do not block people from entering or exiting buildings. Do not obstruct people from passing by you and impairing his/her rights from passing by you.
In other words: Do not obstruct flow of traffic on streets or sidewalks!!!
A direct quote from a National Lawyer’s Guild attorney: "When, and if, they disrupt safe and efficient flow of traffic on either, police may intervene to protect public safety."
3. At the Veterans Memorial Park
• Keep within the parameters of the permit:

The rally point is Veterans memorial Plaza (VMP), not the Soldiers and Sailors Monument (as pictured in many posters)
VMP is to be used as a rally or gathering point only
All activities must conclude no later than 6:00 PM; all clean-up must be complete by 8:00 PM.
There will be NO camping, squatting, cooking or other related activities within VMP at any time.
Tents and/or grills are not permitted in VMP.
VMP is located at 50 East North Street
The parking meters surrounding VMP are free on Saturday & Sunday but vehicles are not permitted to park overnight
The restrooms inside the Indiana War Memorial are for the use of Museum visitors only
There is no bathing or splashing permitted in the fountain
All foot traffic on sidewalks are required to follow the traffic law; attendees must stop at cross walks & only cross when prompted by the automatic signals
Foot Traffic shall not impede the Indiana AIDS walk along the east Meridian Street sidewalk between Monument Circle and St Claire Street
Foot Traffic shall not impede access to businesses, homes, churches, museums or government buildings.
Trash bins & Portalets must be provided

b. Camping is not permitted on public property. Camping will NOT be tolerated at the memorial park. Persons are not allowed in public parks after 11 PM.
4. Be advised that there is precedent for the seizure of cameras under the presumption that they may contain evidence of crimes. If you want to use a camera, understand that you run this risk. Please don’t use your smart phone as a camera, you may wind up losing it.

5. Stay off of Federal Property – this invokes the broad and far-reaching Patriot Act. We would need some serious civil rights lawyers to assist if the Patriot Act is invoked.


  1. Dood for real? Unless hundreds of people show up we're going to get our asses beat in...

    Anyone wanna hang out before we spend the night in jail?

  2. Parking-Meters: Are, free-on the Weekend? I do not believe they are any-longer 'free', on Weekends, as in the past. Mayor Ballard sold 'our' parking-meters; to the highest bidder!

  3. There's more rules and worries posted up than demands and desires. Who are you more concerned about: wall street bankers or participants in the same movement?

  4. That's indianapolis for You, amirite? xD bahaha

    @Occupy: but in all seriousness, i wonder what the difference is. i mean it really takes both groups doesn't it? And isn't that what this is all about? Coming together to oppose something outrageous- whether it's kleptocracy, banksters, republicrats, tea-partiers, taxes, Troy Davis, militarization, the death penalty, police brutality, state control, war, hunger, or whatever- seriously people are showing up from all over for all sorts of shit. i stress this: it is not a revolution (although i have to admit my midwestern nostalgia makes me really like the sound of "REVOLUJAH!" hahaha) this is the occupation. We show up and hang out and if everything goes well that's pretty much it. Eventually so many people show up they have to meet our demands because the stresses of having to manage a city under constant nonviolent resistance will be something like pre-emptive shanty towns. It's the new urban movement in a way and it's linked up with a lot of youth throughout the world trying to affect a change in their lives to varying degrees of success- think Egypt's Tahrir Square versus London's Riot and You'll see what i mean. There's riot gear out in Athens- their cops look just like modern hoplites i kid You not- and there was a civic overthrow in Spain. Don't even get me started on Tunisia. So finally after all this time it's come to the United States, first to New York and everyone can see how that is going by tuning into the live feed at Adbusters Culturejammers


    i know they look like a bunch of hipsters but seriously just give them a chance it's some pretty inspiring stuff they got goin' on.

    Anyway where was i...

  5. i will be there! i live downtown and im glad this is going down

  6. were the "rules" of this "occupation" developed/agreed upon through the consensus of a general assembly/organizing group?
    they seem absurd (no groups of people larger than 5, single file line, not taking up more than half the sidewalk?) and if proposed at an open general assembly i can not imagine a consensus agreeing upon them....
    occupy wall street, the syntagma square occupation in greece, the indignados in spain, etc have all developed an open, participatory decision making process that serves as their primary demand and accomplishment...
    i demand occupy indianapolis utilize an open process of decision making when making rules for its participants to abide by.

  7. This isn't a protest, it's civil obedience.

    And I tell you this:

    "4. Be advised that there is precedent for the seizure of cameras under the presumption that they may contain evidence of crimes. If you want to use a camera, understand that you run this risk. Please don’t use your smart phone as a camera, you may wind up losing it."

    Straight up wrong. Police require a warrant to obtain a camera. If they take a camera without a warrant, they're violating the photographer's rights. Don't spread this sort of disinformation.

  8. @Captain Swing: thank You for standing up to organizational disinformation. We must unite for great victory against the misinformed and megarich!

  9. If anyone is interested, here is the statement/poster from an occupation that happened earlier this year in Bloomington:

    It lasted for three days inside the largest building at IU, and was a success with outreach.

  10. Occupy: beautiful statement from bloomington.. kudos for being ahead of the curve and for explaining occupation so eloquently/succinctly.

  11. Um, parking is not free on Saturdays. Be prepared to feed the meter or take IndyGo.

  12. We parked at a free meter yesterday, some are still free apparently had a sticker on it that said free on Sat, Sun and holidays I think it was on Delaware street.

  13. @dj shiva. you should throw an occupied dance party somewhere, probably not the statehouse. somewhere close by like iupui?