Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Permit Rules

We will be approved for the use of the Memorial Plaza for Saturday and Sunday under these conditions...further elaborations to follow.

Some concerns which MUST be addressed and conveyed to your attendees PRIOR TO THEIR ATTENDANCE:

The rally point is Veterans memorial Plaza (VMP), not the Soldiers and Sailors Monument (as pictured in many posters)
VMP is to be used as a rally or gathering point only
All activities must conclude no later than 6:00 PM; all clean-up must be complete by 8:00 PM.
There will be NO camping, squatting, cooking or other related activities within VMP at any time.
Tents and/or grills are not permitted in VMP.
VMP is located at 50 East North Street
The parking meters surrounding VMP are free on Saturday & Sunday but vehicles are not permitted to park overnight
The restrooms inside the Indiana War Memorial are for the use of Museum visitors only
There is no bathing or splashing permitted in the fountain
All foot traffic on sidewalks are required to follow the traffic law; attendees must stop at cross walks & only cross when prompted by the automatic signals
Foot Traffic shall not impede the Indiana AIDS walk along the east Meridian Street sidewalk between Monument Circle and St Claire Street
Foot Traffic shall not impede access to businesses, homes, churches, museums or government buildings.

· Trash bins & Portalets must be provided


  1. If you see someone getting out of line, they might be a plant to make everyone look bad (like the blatant "I hate N-words" guys at the Tea Party rallies). Keep an eye out and get away from them ASAP.

    Also, helpful link: http://tinyurl.com/6y9r2qx


  3. Permit? We have the RIGHT to free speech and public property is tax payers property. There is NO right to require a permit to exercise you constitutional RIGHT. Permits are a way of the government to CONTROL people. The use of permits is opening the way for a tyranny government to rise. WAKE UP PEOPLE. Government only has the power you allow them to have over you.

  4. Corporations and politicians are hand in hand. You cannot protest corporations and not protest the government. Politicians pass laws that benefit the corporations because politicians have interest in the corporations. This country is in the mess its in because of corporate and politicians greed. You can not separate the two. It is one beast with two heads. Due to our materialistic lives we have become servants to the beast. The beast is full because we have feed it well. WAKE UP PEOPLE.