Thursday, October 13, 2011

Call to Action

We are opening a dialogue for the education and empowerment of the populace about the socioeconomic injustices which permeate our society. We are here to get Corporations out of the American Political system. We are here in solidarity with the Global Occupy Movement. We are here to reclaim our Voice. We invite all people of peace to join us. We are Occupy Indianapolis.

Monday, October 10, 2011

General Assembly Announcement

THE CURRENT GROUP AT THE STATEHOUSE has come to consensus on a meeting time for this evening. We are very excited to report that tonight's General Assembly at 7pm features a speaker from the Occupy Wall St. community outreach, VINCENT VIBBERT. He will be helping to educate us on many topics so please come out and JOIN US!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Initial Statement

"We at Occupy Indianapolis are gathering in FULL SUPPORT of the Occupy Wall Street movement in NYC."

This is our initial statement, approved with full consensus on the ground at the statehouse in Indianapolis where our standing occupation is ongoing. Consensus is a gradual process, we will add to this statement (hopefully each night) as we come to consensus on the many issues which plague our nation and to which this movement seeks to respond through a creative and democratic process.

Statement from Liberty Lawn

Occupy Indy is currently ongoing and has moved to the Indiana Statehouse. At the Statehouse we are engaged in a standing occupation--this means that we cannot set up tents or sleep on the grounds, so we are occupying in shifts. Those of us who are refreshed are relieving those of us who are tired. Occupation is crucial to the success of this movement; we need as many folks as possible showing up at the statehouse to keep us visible and our presence known. We will update our list of needs regularly.

"Vertical" Occupation of the Statehouse

Yesterday the Indianapolis General Assembly in a full consensus agreed to occupy the grounds of the Indiana Statehouse in a show of solidarity with the protesters in Liberty Plaza NYC. Indiana State Police have advised us that anyone sleeping on the grounds of the Statehouse will be immediately arrested and jailed. However, if you remain upright and not horizontal to the ground they will allow us to peacefully occupy their South Lawn area as we see fit. We cannot pitch a tent or anything but they are allowing us food deliveries and other comforts to the site.

As a result of this "Vertical" Occupation the rally previously discussed for Sunday at 12 noon at Veterans Plaza has been moved to the South Lawn of the Indiana Statehouse. All come out to the new Liberty Lawn and join us in our "Vertical" Occupation. Come say hi to some Colts fans who will be walking by on their way to Lucas Oil Stadium.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

News Coverage

It is Occupy Indianapolis’ goal to violate no laws in our upcoming actions. During an interview on WTHR-TV, channel 13 in Indianapolis, Occupy Indianapolis spokesman Joh Padgett did not say the organization would block access to any building.
During reporter comments on the story it was reported Padgett said we would “Block” entrances to buildings. That is a violation of law, and Padgett at no time stated we would block any entrance or exit from any building.
The “People mover” strategy is a continually moving, single file line of people. This is within the confines of local law. We will, at no time, prevent anyone from entering or exiting any building, nor will we at any time interfere with vehicular traffic along our route.

Legal Guidelines and Permit Rules

Legal Guidelines:
1. First and foremost, do not break the law. If a police officer tells you to move, be polite and move on—do not argue with the police. Remember, the police are not the enemy; they are doing their jobs.
2. Marching/Walking Guidelines
a. Keep moving.
b. Stay on the sidewalks, but do not obstruct others from passing by, entering or exiting a building. Do not occupy more than half of the sidewalk at any time.
c. Stay in groups of five or less. Again, make sure your group does not occupy over one half of the sidewalk at any time.
d. Do not congregate in front of buildings and do not block people from entering or exiting buildings. Do not obstruct people from passing by you and impairing his/her rights from passing by you.
In other words: Do not obstruct flow of traffic on streets or sidewalks!!!
A direct quote from a National Lawyer’s Guild attorney: "When, and if, they disrupt safe and efficient flow of traffic on either, police may intervene to protect public safety."
3. At the Veterans Memorial Park
• Keep within the parameters of the permit:

The rally point is Veterans memorial Plaza (VMP), not the Soldiers and Sailors Monument (as pictured in many posters)
VMP is to be used as a rally or gathering point only
All activities must conclude no later than 6:00 PM; all clean-up must be complete by 8:00 PM.
There will be NO camping, squatting, cooking or other related activities within VMP at any time.
Tents and/or grills are not permitted in VMP.
VMP is located at 50 East North Street
The parking meters surrounding VMP are free on Saturday & Sunday but vehicles are not permitted to park overnight
The restrooms inside the Indiana War Memorial are for the use of Museum visitors only
There is no bathing or splashing permitted in the fountain
All foot traffic on sidewalks are required to follow the traffic law; attendees must stop at cross walks & only cross when prompted by the automatic signals
Foot Traffic shall not impede the Indiana AIDS walk along the east Meridian Street sidewalk between Monument Circle and St Claire Street
Foot Traffic shall not impede access to businesses, homes, churches, museums or government buildings.
Trash bins & Portalets must be provided

b. Camping is not permitted on public property. Camping will NOT be tolerated at the memorial park. Persons are not allowed in public parks after 11 PM.
4. Be advised that there is precedent for the seizure of cameras under the presumption that they may contain evidence of crimes. If you want to use a camera, understand that you run this risk. Please don’t use your smart phone as a camera, you may wind up losing it.

5. Stay off of Federal Property – this invokes the broad and far-reaching Patriot Act. We would need some serious civil rights lawyers to assist if the Patriot Act is invoked.